Using a Wholly Connected IPMS to Manage Your Own Cases and Your Competitors‘ IP Activities: uptoIP®

    | date: 25.11.2020 9:00 am


    Daniel Holzner



    The uptoIP® system is the first choice for managing all of your intellectual property. It supports you in the safe administration of all matters relating to your intellectual property rights. In addition to the administration of your own publications, which includes evaluating, categorizing, distributing and archiving in a collaborative form, monitoring third-party rights is an integral part of uptoIP®. You always have an overview of your IP portfolio and relevant foreign rights. Managing ideas, sustainably building knowledge and managing IP-related information does not only mean managing intellectual property, but rather managing innovations and knowledge. Combine data and facts from research and development with your commercial know-how and company-related processes and projects. Daniel Holzner will give you a deep insight into the powerful functions and will use best practice examples to show how modern IP rights management works. Build up a knowledge database and create a well-founded decision-making basis for future product developments as well as for your patent and brand strategy. Easily monitor market developments, state-of-the-art changes and/or the IP activities of your competitors with uptoIP®. We collect new publications on patents and utility models according to your areas of interest and deliver the hits at the desired interval directly in uptoIP®. By integrating online interfaces, you can import relevant property rights into your knowledge pool at any time. Especially in times in which the need to work in an interconnected manner constantly increases, with uptoIP®, ABP PATENT NETWORK offers you a powerful tool to ensure your success in the long term! This workshop will let you dive deeper into the relevant functions of uptoIP®.