IP Tools and Data in M&A Transactions

IP Tools and Data

Claudia Jamin, Head of Intellectual Property at Hitachi Energy, is convinced that data management tools and other IP applications can do more and play a significant role also in extraordinary business events. The increased integration of AI solutions would make then a real difference. Learn more about this meaningful topic!

Claudia Jamin is the Head of Intellectual Property at Hitachi Energy, a global technology leader committed to making energy more accessible, affordable and sustainable, improving the quality of life for millions of people globally. 36’000 talented experts are operating in more than 100 countries.

Claudia Jamin is leading a team of 25 IP professionals worldwide being responsible for all IP matters within the enterprise.

With more then 20 years of professional experience, Claudia Jamin has held numerous positions in private practice, consulting, and industrial companies in Germany, the US, and Switzerland. She is a regular speaker at international IP conferences.

IP Tools and Applications

Developing and managing a large IP portfolio requires adequate data management tools and other IP applications. These tools may support day-to-day IP activities facilitating creation, review and decision processes as well as payment and deadline management. In addition, there are many applications available that provide valuable insights in IP landscapes and relevant competitor portfolios. However, when it comes to substantial divestitures/acquisitions of companies or parts thereof, IP tools and applications get a different meaning in the separation and carve-out activities, as well as in the post integration. Starting with the identification of relevant IP matters, e.g., IP assets, licenses, conflicts, etc., it is key essential to understand all the co-relations of these different IP matters throughout the entire company and business to ensure undisturbed business continuity for both the initial/maintained and the bought/sold business.

IP Data in Transactions

During transactions it has been experienced that these IP tools should be well aligned with the complexity of a company to allow such synergies of available data and to ensure adequate separation and integration of the businesses. This requires certainly consistent data recording, but also the technical readiness to maintain and connect these data in a meaningful and wide-ranging manner. Even better, if such connections would be supported by intelligent systems creating a comprehensive, cross-business evaluation of the IP matters at issue for a fair separation and effective integration of the affected businesses. With the offering of smart solutions and the continued improvement thereof, IP service providers may make a big difference also in extraordinary events beyond the daily IP business making all existing and new synergies visible and available.

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