What happened at the IP Service World 2019?

Review Video: IP Service World 2019

We didn’t expect what we saw and experienced. The IP Service World 2019 has exceeded our expectations and the previous summits by its unique and interesting guest speakers, keynotes, workshops and – of course – attendees! The world of IP currently develops very fast – and so do we. The Intellectual Property network outrivals itself every year with unique service solutions and industry opportunities. We are happy to be part of it and provide a place for all IP leaders to come together, connect and grow.

The review video of our IP Service World 2019 is out now. This article gives you a short overview of the achievements we reached last year. Watch the full review video now on YouTube!

Professionalism in a relaxed atmosphere

If you think professionalism and relaxing can’t go together – you are wrong. This is exactly what we achieved last year. We intended to create room for professionals to exchange knowledge and future plans for the world of IP.

Gudrun Völker from the Infineon Technologies AG lined out that she loved the summit’s total organization. Our App made the participation as easy as never before. It provided a seamless overview of who is speaking about which topic when and where. She also praised the moderators of our panel discussions and keynotes – so special thanks to them!

Christian Schwarz (Unycom Gmbh) also mentioned that the IP service world 2019 has presented the perfect opportunity to meet new clients and to connect with other professionals across different industries. Several networking breaks, business lunchs, pre-evening events in exhibition and the evening event itself gave a chance to come together in a more relaxed atmosphere. But also the learning factor and inputs about the market trends have been very high for him.

These are only two opinions out of several reviews of the IP Service World 2019. Have you also attended? We would love to hear your thoughts about it too as we always aim to provide the best possible experience for professionals in the IP sector. Your feedback honours and spurred us on to make the next summit even better.

A special thanks goes to all attendees, who made the event so unique for all of us. Thanks for two days full of interesting discussions, connections and new insights. We hope to see you again at the 23rd – 24th November 2020!

IP Service World 2018: Exclusive Interviews with Notable IP Experts

We recorded interviews with renowned experts, who have given us some highly interesting insights on how Artificial Intelligence can help Intellectual Property in the future. We would like to share the results with you.

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