Strategies and Guidance Regarding Computer Implemented Inventions at the EPO

4th November 2020 @ 4 pm CET

Nowadays, many technological developments are based on software that obtains technical character by being implemented in a corresponding processing apparatus. But what are the requirements for the development to be patentable? How can the difference between the apparatus and a notoriously known computer form a basis for an inventive step?

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Technicality and inventive step
  • Barriers to patentability of computer implemented inventions (e.g. blockchain, artificial intelligence)
  • The concept of the „Notional Business Person”

Why you should attend:

The Webinar will seek to answer these questions by presenting the EPO’s approach of assessing technicality, novelty
and inventive step, by presenting the examination of mixed inventions and by presenting corresponding examples.

Sponsored by:


Dr Peter Reckenthäler

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