agorum Software GmbH

Who we are

agorum Software GmbH was founded in 1998 and develops agorum core, an open source enterprise content management (ECM) platform, which enables patent and trademark attorney firms to work in a fully digitised environment. Especially in the world of intellectual property rights, digital sovereignty thanks to OSS guarantees the highest level of data security. The software has about 2.3 million users.

What we offer

The company targets medium-sized companies and IP firms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The open source software agorum core is an enterprise content management that offers automated processes such as:

  • digital files
  • digital centralised inbox
  • digital outbox
  • audit-compliant archiving of documents involving intellectual property rights

The degree of automation for those processes is hardly limited, which creates the best conditions for flexible working from anywhere.

 What is our booth about

agorum Software and Brügmann Software together developed a brand-new step-by-step model that allows IP firms to transform gradually towards a digitised working environment, from basic to very advanced.