Averbis GmbH

Averbis GmbH

Who we are

Averbis offers text mining and machine learning solutions for the analysis of unstructured data such as patents or research literature. Our ultimate goal is to turn text into actionable information, automate intellectual processes and make useful predictions.

What we offer

Patent Monitor is a patent analysis software that is based on machine learning. It allows you to automatically classify large quantities of patents into user-specific categories. Patent Monitor is based on artificial intelligence, which means that the software learns from the behavior of IP professionals and acquires their know-how. Compared to conventional approaches, Patent Monitor is up to 400% more accurate and achieves the same accuracy as IP professionals. At the same time, it reduces the manual effort for the identification of relevant patents by up to 80%.

What is our booth about

Find out how artificial intelligence can support your daily IP activities. Watch the demo and get a free account!