BIG IP Language Solutions

Who we are

BIG IP & Legal Solutions is a global language service provider led by an accomplished team of intellectual property translation experts. Guided by nearly 50 years of experience in serving IP and legal clients, BIG IP provides comprehensive IP solutions designed to be secure, unified, and effective. Serving corporations and firms across the globe, they are driven by translations leveraging a four-step quality assurance process designed to streamline the global filing process.

What we offer

Our combined expertise crosses a multitude of technical domains and legal matters. With operational and market protocols cultivated from years of serving the IP market and partnering with agents worldwide, we provide the following services:

  • Patent Translations
  • EP Validations
  • PCT and Direct Filing
  • Patent Litigation Support
  • Renewals
  • Patent portfolio consultancy
  • Patent landscaping for market intelligence
  • Contract management

What is our booth about

Join us at our booth to learn more about BIG IP and how we are radically disrupting the Legal, Litigation and Patent Services space.