Swiss Center for Data Analysis CENTREDOC

Who we are

The Swiss Center of Data Analysis is Switzerlands biggest independent IP searching, monitoring and restitution company. It supplies over 150 customers from all industry fields with high quality, structured data and analytics, usind the best search and analysis tools avaiable on the IP market, including AI and standardised interfaces. We combine Patent, Literature and Web data in one single tool.

What we offer

At the forefront of digital transformation of IP, CENTREDOC’s IT software RAPID4 offers all the vital IP management functions in a nutshell: Data importation from all major databases, standardisation, automatic categorisation, annotation, document sharing, exporting, newsletter creation, automatic alerting and legal supervision. The tool comes with a customisable workflow allowing you to keep track of your projects. Customers include Patent Law Firms, Company-internal IP departments, R&D organisations and full corporate structures. Data are hosted on CENTREDOC or customer servers.

What is our booth about

Get inspiration from Industry examples of landscaping including technology readiness evaluation, cross industry monitoring or monthly News Analysis combining patents, scientific literature and Web.