Continux GmbH

Continux GmbH

Who we are

Continux GmbH is a group of experienced software professionals and problem solving enthusiasts, dedicated to bring the best-in-class IP Management software to the market. Founded in 2004 Continux organically grew from an IP software solution provider to a leading provider of a highly scalable and quickly deployable cloud based IPM software suite delivered as a turnkey full solution package.

What we offer

Our software solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of large enterprises that operate globally and rely on a modern architecture for their digital transformation. We enable a smooth and true transition into the world of digitalization. We provide our customers with highly specialized access to state-of-the-art software architecture. Our software solutions allow our customers to focus on their essential tasks and avoid spending time on communication and organization or double and triple data entry. We enable our customers to focus on their actual tasks throughout the day.

What is our booth about

1 IP-package license for Continux IP Management Software free of charge for the first year, if purchase decision is made within two weeks from the end of IP Serviceworld 2022.