Darts-ip, part of Clarivate

Who we are

Darts-ip, part of Clarivate, provides global information and analytics that support IP prosecution and litigation activities. Through our platform, IP professionals gain unparalleled insights into IP rights, companies, jurisdictions, legal topics and market trends.

What we offer

Darts-ip users can quickly search and track case data from over 6 million cases covering trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs & models, domain names, and unfair competition as well as supporting analytics solutions. Companies around the world rely on data and analytics from Darts-ip to quickly find relevant cases to support better legal decisions, optimize their legal strategy, increase efficiency, reduce costs and monitor relevant litigation as it unfolds around the world.

What is our booth about

Explore how the integration of Darts-ip case law data in Derwent Innovation provides valuable insight for making IP decisions and managing risk.