Dennemeyer S.A.

Who we are

The Dennemeyer Group offers high-quality services for the protection and management of Intellectual Property rights and is committed to being the first-choice partner for customers globally. With over 60 years of experience in the industry and 20+ offices worldwide, Dennemeyer manages nearly three million IP rights of around 8,000 customers. Organizations with even the largest, most diverse IP portfolios turn to the Dennemeyer Group for reliable protection, administration and management of their most valuable assets. In addition to a full spectrum of IP-related legal services, Dennemeyer offers IP strategy consulting, comprehensive IP management software, IP maintenance services and cutting-edge patent search and analysis tools.

What we offer

Dennemeyer is one of the world’s premier IP full-service providers, delivering premium-quality support for clients globally. Our experts apply their knowledge to meet clients’ needs regarding patents, trademarks, legal services and consulting. DIAMS, our proprietary IP management system, is at the cutting edge of administrative software solutions. Suitable for large or small portfolios, users can customize their experience to their unique business situation. Meanwhile, our in-house patent search tool, Octimine, delivers AI-powered results for maximal accuracy and relevance.

What is our booth about

Our experts will deliver lectures on the evolution of the IP sector. Join us as we delve into the disruptive potential of AI, changes in IP law and shifting client needs. We will also host roundtable events on IP strategy & management and software