Derwent, part of Clarivate

Who we are

Derwent™, part of Clarivate, powers the innovation lifecycle from idea to commercialization with trusted patent data, applications and services. We build solutions for inventors, large global innovators, leading intellectual property practices, and 40+ patent offices. Our solutions are used to monitor competition, inform FTO opinions, prosecute patents, license assets and support litigation.

What we offer

Derwent™ provides trusted patent data, applications and services for powering innovation, including:
– The Derwent World Patents Index™ – the world’s most comprehensive database of enhanced patent information, which saves time and improves search results by providing comprehensive abstracts of invention novelty, use, and advantage in plain language for all patents.
– Derwent Innovation™ a market-leading patent research and analytics platform built by IP experts and data scientists.
– A suite of IP services, ranging from full patent searches and robust analytics to administrative support.

What is our booth about

Explore the latest on our patent search and analytics solutions by talking to our experts.