Dolcera Corporation

Dolcera GmbH

Who we are

Dolcera is one of the world’s leading patent, technology & business analytics firm with headquarters in California. Dolcera’s innate ability is unifying & presenting actionable information seamlessly from disparate sources viz patents, technical literature, market information, standards, clinical data & regulatory information by leveraging our AI based tools (PCS) for strategic decision making.

What we offer

  • IP Search services (FTOs, Prior art, Invalidation, Landscapes etc)
  • IP Consulting and analytics (Competitive Intelligence, Portfolio studies, Licensing)
  • Technology & Business research services
  • Data analytics (Enterprise search, Machine Learning for auto categorization)
  • PCS – Patent search and analytics tool


  • 1. Use of AI and ML for data analysis and delivering actionable insights.
  • Unique approach of patent, scientific & business research services (including regulatory & standards understanding) for actionable insightful reports for effective decision making.

What is our booth about

Free trial to our AI tool PCS for patent searching and analytics for corporates and law firms.