Elute Intelligence

Elute Intelligence

Who we are

Elute Intelligence’s Patent Reader significantly speeds searching for relevant patents, and enables comprehensive, evidence-based decision making in IP and R&D projects. The technology is based on novel artificial intelligence that searches, compares and analyses documents to identify similarities between them by mimicking the way people read, and brings forensic linguistics to the patent market.

What we offer

How do you find the most relevant patent information and understand why it is the most relevant? The Elute Patent Reader allows users to quickly and easily identify relevant patents based on a full document. A transparent ranking system shows why a patent is relevant allowing for fast decision making. The unique Elute approach significantly improves the efficiency of information retrieval.

What is our booth about

Come try the unique Elute approach for yourself to see how it can significantly improve the efficiency of your patent searching. Hands-on demonstrations on our stand, where we can discuss your patents.