europatent GmbH

europatent GmbH

Who we are

Established 70 years ago, europatent is one of the information service providers with the longest tradition and know-how in the Intellectual Property field. Our mission is to provide the best IP-information services and mangement-software solutions on the market, so that you work efficently and make the best operational and strategic decisions possible.

What we offer

With europatent, you can search, manage, evaluate, and monitor IP-related activities of your competitors, patents, trademarks and designs. Whether you would like to manage all data with PATOffice, our modern IP software, or simply get an email with your monthly results, it’s up to you. With our products and assistance, “too many patents and too little time” will not be a problem anymore. At the end of the day, we help you access the best information for your R&D projects and innovation processes, as well as minimise your liability risk.

What is our booth about

PATOffice – Experience the newest software generation. Would you like to take a pick on our AI projects? Come over and let us explain!