Evalueserve AG

Evalueserve AG

Who we are

Evalueserve is a large IP and R&D service provider; offering a unique approach to quality patent searching, patent analytics and innovation intelligence. Our Search and Intelligence quality index allows the quality of a search to be controlled and improved. We additionally offer high volume digital patent drafting, prosecution and IP docketing. Our mind+machine™ approach is a combination of human.

What we offer

The Evalueserve IPR&D team is unique in having a large, in-house research development and innovation intelligence team. We are dedicated to improving quality in patent search and analytics while optimizing digital, industrialized intellectual property prosecution services. Active in R&D and intellectual property search, intelligence, and prosecution solutions, close collaboration with customers and partners is at the heart of our strategy.

What is our booth about

Meet our team at the Booth#14 to discuss how we could help you improve your searches with our search quality index (SQI) and support you in your projects to stay ahead of the competition. Visit us to get a live demo of our search quality index (SQI) and play to win 2 weeks free access to a sample project of your choice.