Evalueserve AG

Who we are

Evalueserve is the world’s largest IP and R&D solutions provider; offering a unique approach to quality patent searching, patent analytics and innovation intelligence. Our unique mind+machine™ approach combines human expertise, 400+ IP and R&D specialists and domain specific AI services through Insightloupe and Searchstream to identify your innovation whitespace, benchmark competitors and more.

What we offer

All services are powered by our AI products Insightloupe and Searchstream. We deliver you excellent services on Patent Landscaping, Competitive Intelligence, Innovation and Trend Scouting, Patent Licensing, Chemical Safety Intelligence, Novelty Searches, Invalidity/Validity Searches, Freedom-To-Operate Searches, IP Prosecution Services. Please also ask us about our Alerting and Update services.

What is our booth about

IP innovation experts will answer any question you may have on our services, e.g. how we approach searches, showcase our AI tools, provide samples of searches, patent landscapes and more.