EVOip GmbH

Who we are

EVOip GmbH is a trusted provider of IP Engineering Services for IP Departments and Law Firms.
Our credo “EVOLUTION IN IP” stands for our core values of providing “fit for purpose” and constantly improving for excellence in IP Services. Even as a young undertaking, we have won the trust of huge corporations and work with them on a daily basis as problem-solver, creative discussion partner and operational IP workforce.
Our clients value us for critical thinking, full transparency, and hands-on mentality in a compliant manner within budget and time framework.

What we offer

EVOip is an IP expert on following matters:

  • Innovation Support: Ideation Creation, IP Harvesting, Developer Workshops;
  • Patent Search: Prior-art Search, Patentability Search, Invalidity Search, Patent Search for FTO, and others;
  • IP Management: IP Portfolio Analysis, IP Mapping, IP Valuation, IP Tools Evaluation;
  • Technical Services: Invention Disclosures Drafting, Drawings for Invention Disclosures and Patent Applications, and Defensive Publication.

What is our booth about

A personal encounter with Ricardo, Managing Director of EVOip on:

  • How IP Engineering is reducing cost in the IP Value Chain
  • How IP Engineering Services can be used to generate, leverage, and monetize IPRs.

P/S: We have sweets!