interface projects GmbH

Who we are
interface projects GmbH is a leading German provider of enterprise search and knowledge management solutions based on its own INTERGATOR search and retrieval software. As a semantic patent search, INTERGATOR Patent Search uses modern algorithms based on artificial intelligence and thus allows intelligent searches in millions of patents.

What we offer

INTERGATOR Patent Search is an AI-based Search solution for fast, secure and cross-application information access. State-of-the-art neural search methods combined with the functionality of an enterprise search and numerous standard connectors enable a new search experience.

INTERGATOR searches semantic-associative, cross-lingual, natural-language and can find other documents using sample documents or images (Query-by-Example).

INTERGATOR is being used already as a pilot solution at the German Patent and Trademark Office and will be commercially available in the 2nd half of 2022.