Who we are

Iota Analytics is a legal data science firm with products and services across litigations and investigations, intellectual property, and tech product development. Iota Analytics’ Tech & Data Science Labs help legal teams drive growth and velocity. Iota Analytics is headquartered in London with teams and labs in India.

What we offer

Iota Analytics’ services include technology landscape, competitive intelligence, technology scouting, opportunity assessment, patent search, drafting, validity search, infringement analysis, patent portfolio management, licensing, and FTO  . We have an AI-based patent knowledge engine, with curated patent data based on industry requirements. We assess scattered market, technology and patent data to establish correlation patterns focused on actionable insights. Our team spans IP experts, native speakers, engineers, attorneys, and seasoned business consultants.

What is our booth about

Knowledge sharing and insights on:

  • maximising returns on IP investments
  • cost optimisation by sharing cost of both basic and advanced research
  • Demonstration of our AI-based product, with live case