Who we are

LexisNexis® has developed unique intellectual property SaaS and data solutions to understand the innovation space, allowing its customers to benchmark their innovative strength, analyze individual patents or technologies – or even to forecast trends and create what-if scenarios. Many Fortune 100, over half of the DAX and dozens of Nikkei companies are e.g. working with LexisNexis PatentSight.

What we offer

LexisNexis® has not only solved the underlying problems of patent data, it also made it easily accessible, and ultimately actionable for patent analytics and patent research. Reveal the impact and efficiency of an enterprise’s investment in innovation and evaluate the relevance of patents utilizing the Patent Asset Index™ a proprietary, completely transparent metric featured within LexisNexis PatentSight. Our team has sound expertise in consulting projects across major key industries. Together and with the help of our solutions, we contribute to the advancement of humanity through innovation.

What is our booth about

Gain insights about any patent portfolio. Learn about the quality of competitive portfolios, understand IP strategies by looking at annuity fees, or reveal new entrants in your key technology fields.