Who we are

We put together 25 years of Product Portfolio Management & IP-Strategy knowhow to create a solution that enables technology companies to systematically develop the right products and to sell them profitably for as long as possible, by the effective creation and usage of IP.

What we offer

We supply a cutting edge IP evaluation method, cast into a software tool, enabling you to create only valuable property rights and use them targeted for corporate success.
In details you improve the:

  • quality and quantity of the invention disclosures
  • cost-benefit ratio of your IPR’s
  • information flow between you and your market and technology experts
  • objectivity and traceability of your decision-making process
  • communication of the value contribution of IPR’s
  • IP-awareness in your company

What is our booth about

On our booth we offer the cheapest give-away ballpens you’ve ever seen ;D
…or the opportunity to learn more about our solution and to find out wether mind_IP solves your current issues.