patHUBlatam LLC

Who we are

patHUBlatam is an automated online foreign filing and translation solution committed to help worldwide applicants looking to file in LATAM:

  • Achieve accurate cost control
  • Relieve paralegal burden
  • Get timely status updates
  • Expand their patent footprint cost-efficiently
  • Eliminate translation fuss

What we offer

patHUBlatam offers:

  1. Instant online quotes for LATAM filing and translation projects.
  2. Centralized multi-jurisdiction filings in Latam with a single instruction, without requiring engagement with agents in each country.
  3. Real-time online status updates up to publication, allowing you to avoid wasting time following up with agents

What is our booth about

Real time quotes in less than 5 minutes
Waiving of professional fees for 3 countries + 1 language-pair translation for IPSW attendees willing to run a test drive with us.