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Who we are

VantagePoint: Empowering analysts for the last 20 years with the freedom and flexibility to best tell their analytical stories with concise, meaningful and relevant results. Nowhere else is there such a powerful analytical software program that offers a suite of text mining, analysis and reporting tools available in a single application.

What we offer

Accommodating most data sources, VantagePoint spans the analysts’ need for user refined data cleaning, transparent data analysis and robust report output. Analysts have flexibility, freedom and control applying data refinement tools including: Record/Data Fusion, Data Cleaning and Thesaurus Building, Auto-Classification, and Entity Extraction. Analysts gain insights using analysis tools including: Co-Occurrence, Cross Correlations, Cluster Maps, and PCA, TFIDF, and AI. Analysts deliver insightful analytical stories with reporting tools including: Super Profiles, Emergence Plots, Pivot Charts.

What is our booth about

We offer something for anyone: whether new to VantagePoint, or a seasoned user. Come learn about: the VantagePoint tech mining process, its user-driven AI-based auto-classifier, and robust reporting.