Search Technology, Inc

Search Technology, Inc, The VantagePoint Company

Who we are

Founded in 1980, Search Technology focuses on providing software tools to

support decision making in Business Intelligence, Competitive Technical Intelligence, and R&D Management. Our products and services are used in more than 30 countries by market segments including consumer products, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, and automotive as well as by government agencies worldwide.

What we offer

Our flagship software, VantagePoint, is a text analysis program that empowers analysts to discover new ideas. The power of VantagePoint lies in the ability to navigate, analyze and visualize the output from bibliographic databases, for example, patent, scientific, government, market and technical literature. Drawing from a wide variety of capabilities including NLP, powerful data cleaning, user defined thesaurus, AI driven auto-classification, emergence indicators and reporting, analysts discover connections and patterns that gives their findings a better perspective—a unique vantage point.

What is our booth about

Join us for an informative demonstration of our AI driven auto-classification + Smart Trainer and lively discussion about the power of user-driven analytics to support better IP decisions.