SHIP Global IP

SHIP Global IP

Who we are

SHIP Global IP is an IP portfolio management company with the goal of bridging the gap between Inside Counsel and the services they procure. Utilizing a comprehensive network of qualified Foreign Firms, in conjunction with SHIP’s in-house licensed IP paralegals, we help companies centralize and consolidate their activity and budgets in relation to patent and trademark life cycle.

We offer one of the most complete and up-to-date online platforms in the IP management sector, created by a panel of experts that included both clients and agents and uses AI to streamline the IP process.

What we offer

We offer a cloud-based tool that enables our clients to get instant quotes, store formalities, transfer documentation, and monitor their portfolio as well as the foreign filing process.

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • IP Translations
  • Paralegal Outsourcing
  • Document Management Service
  • Portfolio Data Management
  • Renewals
  • Portfolio Analysis Management
  • Search & Monitoring
  • Legal Services

What is our booth about

Stop by and say hi at our booth to learn more about how SHIP can help to reduce your IP costs.  It wil be worth the time!!