Uppdragshuset Sverige AB


Who we are

Uppdragshuset is a Swedish patent search provider with the vision to master The Art of Finding. We have been supporting large corporations and law firms with high quality searches for the last 20 years and have frame agreements with several corporations.We have the largest number of QPIP certified experts in the world with experience from major patent offices.

What we offer

Uppdragshuset offers search services and are specialists in finding technical information to provide an opinion and analysis regarding in particular Patentability, Validity and FTO considerations. Interaction is fundamental and we apply a team approach on every case, ensuring efficiency and quality assurance. We provide reliable consistent searches with condensed reports making the clients more efficient. Our patent information specialists achieve this since they have a long experience in interpretation of claiming scopes, patentability considerations and naturally patent searching.

What is our booth about

Presenting our search methodology, competence and engage in discussions with existing and potential clients about the value in a high quality patent search.