Uppdragshuset Sverige AB


Who we are

Uppdragshuset is a Swedish patent search provider with the vision of mastering The Art of Finding. We have been supporting large corporations and law firms with high quality searches for over 20 years. Our ambition is to make our clients feel secure in their business decisions by performing high quality searches, and to save them time by providing concise reports.

What we offer

Uppdragshuset offers consultancy services in searching, analysis and innovation advising. Our consultancy services offer practical and useful advice regarding risks and opportunities relating to intellectual property rights. We have specialist skills and extensive experience in searching, analysing, and assessing technical information. This includes, among other things, novelty searches, infringement analysis, validity searches and surveillance of competitors.

What is our booth about

Presenting our search methodology, competence and engage in discussions with existing and potential clients about the value in a high quality patent search.