Who we are

With an over four decades lasting experience in the field of intellectual property services, ABP dis-poses of the right know-how to meet the needs in company’s IP concerns. IP searches and renew-als are part of that. With uptoIP® ABP is able to provide his clients with a powerful IP management software. Connecting involved key player, administrating IP rights or monitoring competitors are some of the valuable features

What we offer


IP Management Software | IP Searches | IP Renewals

ABP provides IP Searches around the full product life cycle. These mark a valuable basis for stra-tegic and operative decisions – from the first idea to the market launch and any further develop-ment. Clients benefit from reliable results based on professional and customized search strategies.

ABP also assumes the fee handling for your entire IP portfolio.

The IP Management Software uptoIP® supports you in the safe administration of all matters relating to your IP rights. Besides the administration of your own publications, you also search, assess, categorize, distribute and archive your competitors’ publications. You always stay on top of your IP portfolio! uptoIP® is the powerful tool your portfolio deserves.

What is our booth about

ALive demonstration of uptoIP®
Consulting in the field of Intellectual Property and Yes, there will be give-awayst the uptoIP® booth