We are pleased to again be able to conduct knowledge transfer and networking with you within the context of our physical attendance events.

Together with our contract hotels, speakers and colleagues from event support, we will, of course, take all legally stipulated safety measures into account:

  • Vaccinated or recovered (2G): Please note that access can only be granted with proof (vaccination certificate, convalescent certificate) in conjunction with a photo ID.
  • Increased number of disinfectant dispensers in all public and sanitary areas.
  • Increased cleaning intervals in heavily frequented areas and at contact points (e. g. sanitary facilities, handrails, door handles, lift buttons)
  • Visitor navigation with open or contactless doors
  • Air conditioning with 100 % fresh air supply in all event rooms
  • To wear mouth and nose protection – FFP2 masks – will always be mandatory
  • Adaptation of the catering offer to the hygiene standards
  • Disinfection of the exhibition- and lecture area in regular intervals
  • Visitors and exhibitors will be given comprehensive advance information about procedures, measures and restrictions on site
  • Symptomatic persons will not be allowed to enter the event. If symptoms occur during the event, the organiser and local paramedics or security personnel must be informed immediately.
  • The information signs and / or announcements in the halls and by the hotel staff and the organiser must be complied with.

We look forward to welcoming you again in November in Munich. Of course, the hygiene, safety and implementation concept is a dynamic process that will be adapted to the general overall situation. We will continuously update the concept in accordance with future developments and legal requirements and keep you up to date on an ongoing basis.

We are happy to assist you if you have further preliminary questions.
You can reach us by dialling: +49 6196 4722-802

Kind regards from the board of directors and management

Management Circle AG

Status: 19th November 2021