Urs Dommann

Urs Dommann

Business Unit Head IP and R&D Solutions

Evalueserve AG

Urs Dommann, who heads up IP and R&D Solutions at Evalueserve, is passionate about improving knowledge processes and data science to optimize quality in patent search, and is a regular speaker on this topic at IP Service World. He enjoys sharing his expertise and insights about IP and R&D, and starting conversations as a basis of exploring – together with clients – new paths to success.

Urs created the Information Adventures blog after recognizing that moving through the complex world of data and information in IP or R&D is like venturing high into the mountains or other seemingly uncharted territory – something he loves to do in the Swiss Alps near Zurich where he lives.


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How Do You Assess if a Patent Search or Landscape Is Good? – A Framework for Decision Makers in IP and R&D

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Urs Dommann | Evalueserve AG


Is it Possible to Measure the Quality of a Patent Search or Landscape?

Do you know how to measure quality of a patent search or landscape? In this article Urs Dommann shares his experiences using the Search Quality Index and explains how digital technology is improving search quality.